Tuesday, March 19, 2013


There used to be a saying in retail business that “The customer is always right”.  Meaning of course, that we are in business to serve the customers so we had better listen to them.  When I first started in business, fresh out of college, I thought I was much smarter than my clients.  When a client said they thought the answer I came up with didn’t look right, I not-so-patiently explained why I was right and they were wrong.  To my own credit it only took me a few months to discover what an idiot I was.  I learned that if the client thought my answer did not look right, I needed to go over my figures again.  The simple reality is that you usually know your own situation better than we do.  You may need our expertise in tax or other financial matters but you can often tell better than us when something just does not seem right.  Sometimes the answer is that you just could not foresee the end result because of the complexity of the matter and our answer is correct.  But sometimes we may have misunderstood something you said and that led us to a wrong result.
So the point of this is to encourage you to feel free to let us know if our answer just does not feel right to you.  There is no harm in asking us to take another look at things.  Our financial lives are so complicated these days we all need to be careful not to get so focused on the detail that we miss the overall picture.
Loren L McCann, CPA, MS(Tax)

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