Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Filing Season Blues

You may have heard that the IRS cannot accept personal tax returns for processing until the end of January, and those are only the simple returns.  Many of the more complex forms will not be able to be processed until much later than January.  If you have a simple return and are expecting a refund, or if you are one of those people who just likes to get the tax filing over and done with, it is not the IRS (or heaven forbid, your tax preparer) that is to blame.  Congress is responsible for waiting too long to act.  Our tax law is so complex that changes require huge re-programming efforts by the IRS and private tax preparation companies.  So if you are annoyed at being delayed this year, please let your representatives in Congress know about it.  Your communication with your Congressional representatives really does make a difference.  You are one in a district of hundreds of thousands, but your Congress person may only receive a few hundred letters per month so your letter may add a significant impact to the concern you are writing about.  Let’s try to influence Congress to act more responsibly by passing their law changes earlier in the year.  We can be part of the solution if we act on this.

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